Office Policies


We understand that your schedule may change and that emergencies arise.  If you are unable to keep your appointment, we ask that you kindly provide us with 24-hour notice to avoid a no-show fee.


Each patient's insurance is different, even those with the same employer and insurance company. Each patient is responsible for knowing their own insurance coverage including the deductible, co-insurance, the copay amount, and the coverage policies for procedures.
Our office attempts to verify each patient's insurance benefits with their insurance company, prior to their visit. At check out, each patient is charged according to the insurance benefit information and fee schedules that we receive from their insurance company. Once the insurance claim has been processed and an explanation of benefits (EOB) is received, a bill or credit will be issued to you if necessary.
Most insurance companies require the payment of any unmet deductible for any in-office procedure, including the destruction of warts and actinic keratoses, the injection of scars, and the excision of cysts and skin cancers.  These procedures are very seldom covered under the co-pay alone.  All deductible charges, co-payments, and co-insurance must be paid at the time service is rendered.  If you are unable to comply with this policy, please reschedule your appointment for another time.  The fee schedule for each procedure has been predetermined by each participating insurance company.